News from the Weird
Monday, December 29, 2003
Good afternoon,

I thought I'd send it out a little early this week since Christmas is coming and all. Merry Christmas by the way... I feel I should say more but I can't really think of anything so onto the news.

Here’s a cool quote from Harpers Index:

Estimated amount of glucose used by an adult human brain each day, expressed in M&Ms: 250

-- Harper's Index, October 1989

The works of Suehiro Maruo -- sexy, disturbing, and just plain good stuff. The second link is a particular one I liked.

Graffiti Archaeology
Not a bad description follows”Eric Rodenbeck and Cassidy Curtis have created a masterful timelapse photographic collage of various San Francisco graffiti sites to show how these urban canvases have changed over the last five years. It's a design tour de force.”

A wave of planned suicides by liquor store owners is sweeping Japan.

Tell me what says “love” more this holiday season then a John A McDonald action figure. Now face the first prime minister of Canada in mortal combat, but beware his Kung Fu grip.

The worlds first large scale Nuclear Fusion plant is in the works, check it.,1282,61685,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_6
Hey Kits and Kittlings,

I read an article today that the Canadian arm of the RIAA is ramping up to start lawsuits on Canadian filesharers, Kazza was specifically mentioned. So all those on Kazaa currently it would be prudent to cease and desist I think, even K-lite ++ users may be under the gun (though they are safer I believe). After reading the national post article apparently Uploaders are especially vulnerable to litigation but Leechers are less so (That is people who download only). As I understand it Earth Station 5 is a good bet nowadays as it's situated in Palestine has no ad or spyware and a level of light encryption. I have a sneaking suspicion that the music industry is going to have a hard time of things litigating in the Canadian legal system the big fear is if ISP's are forced to give information on the owners of IP addresses.

I am real excited as my dad is defending his Masters thesis today, that and much daytime drinking will be had {YARR}.

I decided to ask the ALICE foundations conversation AI a few questions and it here is an excerpt

Me: Why Should I work?

ALICE: You should always treat yourself.

It is funny cause that used to be my Mantra, still is to a certain degree. I got it from a Twin Peaks episode in which a character by the name of Dale Palmer tells a local Sheriff that is his secret to happiness.

This is SO WEIRD, and perfectly delightful it’s the Jellybath. Apparently they have a quicktime video as well. I wonder if this is a joke.

Here is the art of Louis Wain a renowned cat artist who later in life succumbed to mental illness. We studied his work in a class (Sean may remember Madness in the Arts) I took in college, you can see how as his illness progressed his art become increasingly violent and surreal.

Receive a negative fortune from Bad Cookie.

Apparently the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening. This could lead to some serious trouble in the next 300-1000 years.

A gallery of “geek” tattoos my personal favorite is “Never give up” in hexadecimal.

Here is a lady who draws portraits of Michael Jackson and sends them to him as well as sells them on the web. The sheer number of these drawings is a firm indication of an unhealthily obsessed mind thank god I am not a rock star.
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
News from the Weird Volume 24:

Good afternoon all,

Next week will mark the 25th News From the Weird post, coincidently I have a few days off in that week in which to get fantastically inebriated as my father will have finished his masters defence. It's a case of two birds with one stone and I'm convinced that I can't lose out on this whole thing. Here's the News:

Cthulu tract that spoofs Jack T. Chicks twisted prostelizting comics ( and it’s hilarious.

Taschen (The art book company, I swear) is producing a book of communist propaganda posters with scholarly essay’s. Looks pretty neat, though I am not a communist no matter what my father says.

Whoah, sounds like a pretty extreme example of the embittered ex. Anyone care to share creepy ex stories? Honey, if your reading this post remember that you’re very special and there is no need to go “loco” if for any reason we were to part ;->

Although navigation is tough because the page is in Japanese the hyper links in the bottom lead to directories of stuff breaking and exploding in slo-motion video and .jpg stills

Acre’s of previously abandoned ghetto lots in Detroit’s inner city used for small farms. This sounds so surreal I almost feel like visiting them just to see it in action. I’ve seen urban gardens before but nothing of this magnitude especially in a city as large as Detroit.

Here is a fascinating multi-paged article on the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia).

Students hold impromptu rave and fashion show in Wal-Mart much to the horror of unsuspecting managers. Hilarious.

Hibernating arctic ground squirrel may be key to inter-stellar space travel for humans and improved organ donor shelf life.,1282,61413,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3

Man urinates and then strips down in University bookstore after attempting to buy map of Chicago.
News from the Weird Volume 23:


Been working on my own versions of magnetic poetry in time for Christmas (might not happen though depending if I can iron out some production problems). I'll send you all a link once I get my sh*t together. My Nomad is a dream come true I highly recommend them to all you music and warez lovers out there, far superior value then an Ipod in my opinion (Even though Ipods look cooler). My entire music collection was much smaller then I thought and I feel so free having it all at my finger tips, Im so attached to it that I joke with my girlfriend that she'll have to share my time with it.

The last link is an article on how e-mail, SMS, and other communication methods has made personal connections shallower. I think the article it has a lot to say and am wondering what everybodies thought are on this?

Here's the news:

This is so twisted, it reminds me of something my roommate Chester would invent just for the hell of it. Enter the Digital Sundial.

Thanks to Tim for this one, a Roman 20 sided dice is up for auction. It’s wild to think they had twenty siders in Roman Times makes you wonder if there is some sort of Gamer Super Unconcious, or Jungian style gamer archetypes that exist. I wonder what games they played with it “Papers and Paychecks” maybe?

One in three women over the age of 45 pees when they sneeze, or ingage in certain activities that increase abdominal pressure.

Whoah, this is a story detailing the case of the “Cannibal from Rottenburg” a German Computer Repairman. A rather thorny legal case apparently since his victim was willing and wanted to be killed and eaten alive. I think Japan and Germany should merge into a new country, and it would be called “Messeduptonia”.§ion=news

Porn Name Psuedonymn generator I’m “Derrick Hammer” let me know what yours is.

It’s Mr.Picassohead like Mr. Potatohead but cubist.

A really good article on how E-mail and other electronic communication leads to shallower communication.
New from the Weird Volume 22:


I'm really excited I just got a 30gig portable MP3 player kind of like an Ipod it's soo slick I just love it. I haven't loaded anything on it but it comes stock with the works of 20 classical composer which is cool. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all the space my whole music collection is maybe 6 gigs at most! Here's the news:

The Japanese are at it again, a new trend in erotica called “Cosplay” has been coined. Essentially it is the use of latex masks and special clothing and arm pads to make your partner look like a doll or Japanese animation character. Here are a few links the first is a video, the second photos of mask creation. I am not sure what to think of this at all, it could be good healthy fun, but I am leaning towards desperately sick.

Subersive cross-stitching my favourite is “People are Cattle”. Some naughty cusswords but thumbnails are so small I doubt anyone walking by you would notice.

Leader of anti-pornography group busted on prostitution charges, oh the irony.

Here’s a fascinating Wired article on building AI’s that feel. It seems to be a much more advanced build on ALICE ( Check out both links.

Click and Drag partial dissections of Britney Spears, some wacked out shit let me tell you.

Nintendo paper models you can make, the look petty neat.

News from the Weird Volume 21:

Hey all,

It never ceases to amaze me how much of a mark we leave on the internet directly or indirectly. I was listening to Common People by the band Pulp and it reminded me of a Kitchener band I used to party with called the Monsters of Doom, so I looked them up on the net and found a number of there gigs advertised in my home town in 1997. It really took me back in time, so I decided to take a look for my old friends from those days Gary and Trina Geheire and managed to find Gary's live journal. Through Gary's journal I found out this guy I was aquainted with, Theo, is now dead. A strange series of events, and a strange way to find out someone's dead.

I also looked up an old friend of mine Errol online out of curosity as well. Those of you who know him may want to check the second link, otherwise it might not be all that interesting. Anyway, here's the news.

New syndrome discovered the “Persistant sexual arousal syndrome” a problem in the brain causing continous stimulation of the female genitals, sounds so strange, I don’t know if it would be a blessing or a curse.

Here’s a collection of Errol Seeley’s poems I found on the net when I was bored. Wacky. There is a hotmail address too but I think it’s defunct this is a page he created like six years ago or something. “Artificial” is the only poem I really, really, liked that he did (Even though it was a blatant rip off of an L7 song “The Bomb” or something like that). I don’t know about you but sometimes for me reading things like this triggers a rush of memories from my teenage years, most of which involved incredibly stupid experimentation, sigh those were the days. Well actually they weren’t that great in retrospect, I find I have to guard against the potent power of Nostalgia more and more as I grow older. Anyway, check it.

It’s the Dead Bug funeral kit, is this a joke?

I am positively shitting this site is awesome! “Let them sing it for you” is a song generator, you type in a simple phrase and the words from many different songs will be sung to you. It blows my mind how weird and cool this is.

Micro flying robots. They look soo cool undoubtably they’ll probably be the spy planes of the future.

Japanese Rubber monsters of the 1970’s, cool.
News from the Weird Volume 20:

Good morning all,

I am sending the news a little early this week since I am practically bursting at the seams with cool goodies. This post marks the 20th edition of this silly little zine (Maybe I'll go out this weekend or something to celebrate?). I've even included some old list subscribers this week just to annoy them ;->. Saw a really good flick with my room mate and some friends called 'L'Auberge Espanole' which is a really good French comedy (And it has Audrey Tatou in it {rawr}). This is unusual I think since for the five years I was working at a Repretory theatre I haven't seen a good french comedy, ever. Right, enough blathering onto the news:

Premature baby with birth defect given new lease on life with specially developed titanium rib implants.

Peer into the wild, wild world of Nematode sexuality, (Ok maybe it’s not that wild afterall.)

HP Lovecraft lemon

Whoah! Story (supposedly true) of a husband who turned his dead wife into a parlour room coffee table. I find this sweet and desperately creepy at the sametime.

“Wholesome Swim Wear” anyone?

Lithuanian hill of crosses (A national pilgrimage site) where pilgrims have been depositing crosses since 14th century AD.

Create your own church sign, this is so fun I can’t stand it.

Worlds first face transplants soon to be a reality “I’m Castor Troy”.

FedEx Workers Find Human Body Parts In Boxes
Authorities Find Shipment Was Perfectly Legal

Short lived cartoon and movie character themed cereal.

People masquerading as car parts trying to cross the US border. I can’t even begin to imagine the desperation it would take to try something like that.

News from the Weird Volume 19:

Good afternoon everybody,

Just got my brand spanken new PC at work today, man it's tech, and have been busy figuring out all the ins and outs and customizing all the options, it's like Christmas in November. I am getting a free month at the gym because the U of C weightroom is replacing the dumbells, rockin. Well here's the news:

Just to start things off I have heard a lot of buzz related to the widespread implementation of RFID tags in everything from currency to clothing. This means an end to privacy, increases business intelligence to an unprecedented level, endangers the black market, and paves the way for really hardcore electronic tyranny. I see the black market as a counter-balancing force to “legitimate” commercial and political interests and vital to the health of our system.,1367,61059,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_6

These are average mean images of Playboy centerfolds over each decade. Meaning that every single centerfold image for that decade is manipulated to produce a master image. Safe for work.

Photogallery of Japanese Street fashionistas. Some pretty colorful and interesting stuff.

My good pals Tara and Anton sent me this hilarious stick figure animated song about this guy who just wants to have sex all the time, it’s so fucking cool (Kudo’s to Ali to who originally forwarded this). Oh, and Not Really Safe for Work.

Whoah, Whoah, this guy is awesome Johnny Meah has been doing circus sideshow posters since the early 1950’s here is a link to some of his work my favourite is the “Anatomical Venus”.

Man put up 6 ft statue of Sponge Bob Square pants and had it stolen. So he built an 11ft statue of Sponge Bob to replace it and spite the original robbers.

News from the Weird Volume 18:

Good evening,

Happy Halloween, I am feverishly watching the clock and counting down the minutes till drunken debauchery time. Hope you all have a good weekend, here's the news:

Time lapse photography of plants growing, all the films have a very spooky quality to them.

Choose your own adventure halloween treasure hunt, it rocks.

Deep fried bunny anyone? This site is cute in a macabre sort of way.

Frightening Hot dog sculpture.

This ones from my friend Chris, a trip down memory lane for all you old school arcade and console junkies

This is not so very weird but Wal-Mart is moving into Japan. What is strange is that they’re doing it through a front company, and Wal-Mart appears no where on any of the merchandise. This is now their 11th country they’ve moved into. What will be even stranger is the day that Wal-Mart is so prolific that nearly every consumer good will be purchased through them. The day of the mall as we know it is numbered I think.

This one is from my friend Sandy, it’s a colour test. You might remember these from highschool. Basically, they are words of colours, coloured differently then the words colour. Sound confusing I’m sure but you’ll all figure it out. This is a psychological test that pits your right and left brain faculties against each other.

Here is a Russian page strictly dedicated to screen shots of toilets in video games and how they’ve evolved over the years. Some people have way too much time on their hands I think.
News From the Weird Volume 17

Hey, Hey, Hey,

It was a slim week for news so I am posting this week instead. Things have been going great lately for me, I'll be working on a short movie based on a short story by a friend of mine Andrew, that and I just started working out. Well here's the news:

Whoah this is messed up, cursor over a disembodied heart to increase its activity.

Japanese company now shipping wooden keyboards. Their target market is older people, why I don’t know.

“Social Hygiene” posters from America Circa 1910-1970, so many laughable goodies on this one it’s amazing!

Harvard cardiologist doing research into allowing the human body to re-generate human organs and limbs using the newt and Zebra fish as focus of his studies. This is so cool.

Weird only because he has that air of permanence about him, Robert De Niro has prostate cancer.

An in-depth article on the Octopus and other mollusks, what I always find facinating about these creatures is their intelligence. They can open jars, to get at treats inside and allsorts of other things.

Birth control pill packaging throughout the ages.

News from the Weird Volume 16:


Some real fun stuff in the news this week, some of it's not safe for work but is identified as such in the link description. I broke down and purchased a Nomad Zen NX 30GB MP3 player, it has yet to arrive in the mail but when it does I can store over 8000 songs with custom playlists, musical freedom at last. It freaks me out a little dropping money on big ticket electronic items. What's even freaker is I ordered it from a small distributor in Toronto on credit card, I like supporting small business but it makes me wary at the sametime.

Madness and creativity linked, Craaazy.

Billboard campaign against genetically modified milk features woman on all fours with four breasts being milked by a machine. Meant to be disturbing. Oh, might not be safe for work.,2106,2677654a10,00.html

Unidentified Hallucinogenic tablets being introduced into Iraq at well below cost prices. Suspected of being a plot to create more civil unrest in the area. In other news John Williams unexpectedly signs up for Canadian military detail in Iraq ;->.

Trippy French Ministry of Cultures 404 Error page. (I hope this link is still broken by the time you read this).

Illusionist Derren Brown comments on Russian Roulette Illusion,7493,1058553,00.html

Korean Anti-American propaganda video (Not safe for work) check the
"This is a very shocking anti-American propoganda video made by
North Koreans and previously broadcast on South Korean and Japanese Television." Don't
miss the part right after George W. Bush's head morphs into a bloodsucking vampire monkey, where they call America an "audacious" country that "stole the Olympic gold Medal from us."

Enter Nano-Turf, it beats the hell out of Teflon and makes it go home crying to it’s mother!
News from the Weird Volume 15:


It's been a while but things in my life have been very hectic, especially with my new job. I recently saw the Blueman Group in concert and that my friends is an awesome experience. A band that opened for them, Venus Hum, I have completely fell in love if you like anything by Bjork then you have to pick up their album. And now the news:

Russian museum workers are freightened of Christ icon on display and believe it to be surrounded by a lethal energy field. The headline should have read “Christ kills” in my opinion.

Here is a collection of cool ads from the 1950’s from Ray Putin studios, very fun.

Hundreds of pictures from people who have tattoo’s of Star Wars scenes on their bodies. Beautiful yet strangely creepy at the same time.

Oh, oh, oh this is so pretty. A page of optical illusion artwork by some Japanese artist. John like OpArt mmmm.

“Dreams of Space” illustrations of the future of mankind in space.

Serial molestor interviewed in Japan (This information would be grounds enough for incarceration in Canada), has network of partners in crime that strategize events to victimize people at. Only in Japan.

How twisted is this, Shaw Internet is suing Telus due to lower internet pricing (Which is highly inflated anyway) and calling it Anti-Competitive. Understandable if it was predatory pricing but how can it be if your dealing with two deep pocketed corporations?

Want to make your own rail gun that shoots metal pellets 361 mph?

A cool silly comic strip called Her about a little pig and a girl, being violent, in a funny way.

Speaking of comics here is a collection of early comic ads, usually grossly misrepresenting their product.

Bizzarre dracula killer caught drinking the blood and eating the head of his victim.

Warner brother cartoon collection of Acme products throughout the years my favourite is the “Anti-Nightmare” machine.

The long weekend was a mad house to be certain. I saw Radio Head and REM in Vancouver with a friend of mine Shelby, great shows. Indeed furious fun of Bachnaelian proportions was had by all (minus the drunken orgies but there is always room for improvement). I've been spending this whole week trying to adjust to the different time zone and bedtime again, good thing it's only a 4 day week! Here we go:

This a hilarious spoof on the Anti-D&D groups out there using 8-bit graphics from a variety of video games Machina style. Thanks to Amanda for sending me the link.

Man I feel so lazy I am biting on everyone else’s links my friend Ewan (A man of action and adventure, not to be trifled with) sent me this one and I quite enjoyed it, primate programmers.

Here’s an interesting piece on prisoner inventions, some pretty neat stuff.

Man this sounds soo cool. Apparently the biggest indicator of someone’s actual emotions toward something are governed by micro-expressions including small muscle movement eyebrow twitches, etc. These micro-expressions are usually very quick and can verge on the range of human vision at 1/15th of a second. Apparently someone is selling CD’s so you can be able to recognize these micro-expressions. The idea of being essentially able to read someones basic thoughts would be an awesome skill to say the least.,1284,60232,00.html

Enter Mergeroids, It’s asteriods but with multi-national corporations that you have to blow up. Looks like
pretty cool way to inform people about these things.

Apparently David Blaine looked as though he cut off a piece of his ear as a press stunt (Link goes to article with picture). His next stunt is being suspended above a Thames river bridge for 44 days with only water to sustain him. Completely crazy shit, I don’t think a human being could survive that (Just drinking water) there must be some nutrient solution in there or something.

Scientists have modified yeast to produce human Glyco-protiens. The practical upshot of this is that scientists can experiment on the equivalent of human tissue without mucking around with cell cultures (Means less hamsters in the labs getting there blood tapped too for all you animal lovers out there).,3604,1031389,00.html

Eminem pulls a Willy Wonka for Obi Tryce’s new album. Slick, though unoriginal, marketing move.

News from the Weird Volume 13:


Well I am off to Vancouver tommorow to see REM and Radiohead with my good friend Shelby, it should be a blast. I just hope none of the roads are closed off due to forest fires! Oh, that and I got a promotion at work RAWR!

Scientists hope to mimic some of the properties of a deep sea sponge that creates glasss threads superior to some fibre optic cable. This looks soo cool.,1282,60127,00.html

Cross dressing bank robber escapes scott free.

This is a great article about MIT open sourcing all it’s courses and lectures. Yes this means you can get an MIT education complete with lectures for free. However if you want the piece of paper to prove you have an MIT education it’s still $41,000 per year. Cool, and unusual for an academic institution.

Serial nude sunbathing and yoga woman arrested for the second time by police. Viva la nude revolution! The second link goes to her mug shot.

News from the Weird Volume 12:


Been dealing with the smoke from the forest fires in the mountains this last week and it turns the sun almost blood red. It makes you feel like your in some post apocolyptic novel or something. I have a job interview today and am a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Well here we go...

Unemployed Brazilian man kills parents after they puncture his inflatable bride and ask he divorce her. At first appearance this is sheer lunacy but if you think that this man must have suffered from the delusion that his inflatable bride was real it was a crime of passion killing his parents? Too strange.

Stoner gets jail time for chopping head off corpse for heavy metal party. Too much Norwegian Black Metal and too little brains.,4057,6995916^1702,00.html

New York fringe festival opens with a swedish dancer doing a 1920’s style strip tease, then she strips off her skin.

Enter the first DNA computer, and it plays tic tac toe. Who said scientists don’t have a decent sense of humour (Tic-tac-toe is a WarGames reference, an old movie about hacking with Matthew Brodrick, the AI in it played tic-tac-toe). I find this exciting and creepy at the same time.

This is a really kooky but fun comic my dad turned me onto, it’s worth checking out. It also has “fnord’s” which rocks my world only because I’ve read the Illuminati trilogy
and if you haven’t you really should.

Clowns board a bus in mexico, put on a show, then rob the bus at knifepoint.

This is a really messed site it describes children’s encounters with alien life forms and how to make “Thought Screening Hats”

News fro the Weird Volume 11:


This week has been insane, I've been preparing for a job interview that I hope is next week for a better position within TransCanada. I find that stress is such a strange thing, I tend to be completely unable to remember anything when I am stressed out... Where am I, Who am I talking to...

I was waffling on including this article in this issue but it seems like a natural progression of the “Robogrill” article from the previous one. This article explores the future of robotics in replacing service jobs. It estimates that by 2015 fifty percent of American jobs will be
automated out of existence. I think that’s a little far fetched but a
number of things said in the article do ring true. It makes you wonder what this wash of soon to be useless humanity will do with there time, and will they be taken care of by the rest of the planet.,1367,59882,00.html

Nazi chic in Hong Kong check out this exert:
“Swastikas and other Nazi symbols are used as decoration in a Hong
Kong clothing store, as seen on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2003. Israeli and
German diplomats have lashed out at a Hong Kong fashion company for
using swastikas and other Nazi party symbols. The Hong Kong-based
firm designed a range of T-shirts and pants with Nazi symbols and
launched new decorations this past week in its 14 stores. One branch
projected Nazi propaganda films on the shop's wall.” Those Orientals if it wasn’t for them I swear I’d lose ¾ of my weird news, OI!

Some silly rogues painted a number of Starbucks locations windows with glue to make them opaque and then posted “Store Permanently closed” and “For lease signs” using faked Starbucks letterhead. This article is hilarious.

Enter the George Bush Action figure. If this isn’t weird enough he’s dressed in an Air Force Jumpsuit which is highly ironic since he went AWOL from the Air force.

Here’s an article about an Internet dating service for people behind bars (With links no less). Now I’ve heard of people writing to convicts for love interest just because they’ve achieved a certain level of infamy, but this is something else entirely. I think it could be a good thing, it would certainly give inmates some hope and maybe set some on the straight and narrow. At the same time if allowed to do this it just means another privilege for inmates making prison that much less a punishing experience.
News from the Weird Volume 10:


Arranged sort of a pseudo date with this oriental girl named Alex on Thursday of last week. It seemed to go allright so we’ll see what happens over the next little while. It feels strange getting back into the game. Man this is my Tenth News from the Weird post, wow, I'll have to do something special this weekend.

For your viewing pleasure the Japanese Gallery of Psychiatric art.

It looks like you can’t even get a job flipping burgers anymore, enter the Robogrill. Also I heard that McDonalds is using ATM’s in lieu of cashiers as well.

Speaking of cashiers a supermarket chain in Argentina is forcing their cashiers to wear adult diapers so they don’t take bathroom breaks at work

This video ROCKS the music is not too bad either. John Spencer the man that is single-handedly responsible for my preternaturally long side burns right now. He is a rock god.

Looks like there’s been some guy doing a similar thing as me since 1988. He calls his newsfeed “News of the Weird” though. Bastard.

Wow! I love seeing stuff like this “Power from blood could lead to 'human batteries'” how Matrix eh? It’s amazing how Science Fiction inspires so many inventions like the Rocket Ship (Early Sci-fi), the Cell Phone (Star Trek Communicator), and now blood power (A la Matrix) and blood powered nanites.

Kind people are more likely to catch a yawn from someone else. Apparently it is an empathetic reaction partially.

My friend Randy turned me onto this page showcasing the original Starwars kid video without the light saber effects added. For those who don’t know this poor kid ended up getting his video transferred to the net where over a million people saw it. There was then a campaign to get this kid an Ipod and some cash to show that geeks cared for their fellow geeks as the kid needed therapy after the video was made public. They ended up raising over $5000 and a number of high tech goodies for the kid, the kid then used the money to sue the families of the kids that originally posted the video, now those kids are in therapy. Eye for an Eye makes the whole world go blind, or Karmic Justice you decide?

Not content on burning just books, US church burns copies of the bible as well. How devilishly ironic.,0,2095270.story?coll=wxmi-home-2&

A cross between an HR Giger painting and a tick supervillian it’s Penis Man (Might not be appropriate for work this ones sorta borderline).
News from the Weird Volume 9:

Things are getting strange for me, I just got a new cat (Attached picture), a new room mate, and a potential promotion at work all in week. When it rains it poors.

I saw some great shorts of this one film artist Stan Brahkage. Stan along with Keneth Anger and a few other contemporaries pioneered a style of film the “Psycho Drama” where characters and would display intense emotions in short scenes that were usually very surreal. Pathos and symbolism was big in this movement. If you get a chance to search the net take a look for a movie short called “Reflections on Black” it’s well worth it. Here’s a page I found with a little bio of him and his filmography.

“Currently the world's largest engineering and construction site, the Three Gorges Dam project along the
Yangtze River in Hubei province China, has displaced over 1.2 million people and destroyed 11 cities (in
less than 6 months). The resulting 400 mile long reservoir will supply enough water to generate 84 billion
kilowatts-per-hour of electricity. Burtynsky’s recent large-scale colour photographs survey a critical period in the evolution of this rapidly changing landscape and its inhabitants.”. Imagine telling 1.2 million people you just lost your house, move!

TV Mind Control, they don’t call it programming for nothing. Click below to look at the US patent abstract:

Here is a really good article on the new capabilities of the Nvidia graphics card . It also then expands on the commercial applications of Avatars and talks about the advances in text to speech conversion.

Bruce Campbell famous cult movie actor,+Bruce+(I)
was injured in a car accident.

Due to the new anti-smoking by-laws in the states a new drink abomination has been concocted, enter the “Nicotini”.,0,1955010.story?coll=sfla-entertainment-nightlife

I was updating my web page (Perpetually under construction it seems) recently so I thought I’d share some of my favourite contemporary artists with you.
Artists I enjoy
Alex Grey Tripped out psychedelic spiritual pathways.

Mixing of dreamy pastel childhood imagery with meat, severed heads, blood and just surreal shit. He is a great and very creepy artist

Frank Kozik- A very prolific artist most famous for his commercial art on CD covers and street posters. I really enjoy the maniacal psychedelic Squirrels that he draws

Isabel Samaras- Juxtaposes 1970's sitcom tv characters with classical and neo-classical pieces of art. Kooky and fun.

Aubrey Hallis- Local Calgary Artist who has some pretty fun stuff, had beer with him once. I enjoy the "Last Breakfast" quite a bit.

Chris Cran- An awesome Calgary Artist who does some REALLY great stuff. My favourite is his self portrait using only black paint, it's awesome.
News from the Weird Volume 8:

Hey All,

Skinny week for news yet again, just barely enough for a post. This weekend should prove to be action packed as I am going to the Calgary Folk Fest, and multi pitch rock climbing on some honest to goodness cliffs. Enjoy:

Emotion producing robot deemed to scary to be viewed by those 18 years of age and under:,9830,999711,00.html

A new school has opened in Toronto Anarchist U a free university that teaches the humanities and social science subjects, cool!

A man with a partially severed head drove himself to the nearest hospital clinic a half hour away.. and lived:

Britains Curiosity museum up for auction
News from the Weird Volume 7:


It's allergy season here in Alberta and oh man my head feels like it's going to explode this morning, damn. Last weeks was a sad week for weird news hence todays post (I've finally amassed enough articles). I am reading this great book Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen about a man with an over developed sense of vengeance. That and my glasses decided to self-destruct (Screw came off, an easy fix).

Going to be learning some stage magic tricks in the next little while, as I was thinking of going to Europe at the end of the summer/early fall. I am going to be starting with simple card tricks. I’d be interested in what people think about this new medicinal pot initiative that has just passed in legislature. Well here goes:

I was having a conversation with Ewan about the US military research organization known as DARPA. He was thinking that they would probably produce the robots that would study Mars. Looks like NASA might beat them to the chase.

This is soo hilarious, a bored delivery truck driver scares the crap out of people by intentionally back-firing his van and taking pictures of the reaction.

It appears that the US Military (Navy) is developing a one-shot only “L-A-S-E-R” to be in production within five years, in related news doctor evil is running for the next US presidency.

The Billboard Liberation Front, fun San Francisco culture jamming group

29,000 plastic ducks will be washing ashore in America as part of a decade old experiment to map ocean currents.
News from the Weird Volume 6:

Good morning,
I am losing way to much sleep to the new Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix book, and am about a third of the way done now, only six hundred more pages to go. Calgary Stampede is here again in full force, I've been through it three times now and still can't get used to the concentrated Cowboy Culture for the week or so it's on. It reminds me of Octoberfest from my home town, but on crack, and everybodies into it. It creeps me out. Anyway, to the news:

I stumbled on this site of “Tragic” wax female mannequins. Apparently the hair is real human hair that is transplanted strand by strand. It boggles the mind how many man-hours must have gone into the production of each one of these. It amazes me the detail possible with wax.

I was reading a short history of the microscope in the United States and came across this hilarious tidbit:
“May 16, 1922 Outspoken members of grassroots movement, Christians Against Minutiae, present petitions to the White House, citing the microscope as 'an instrument of the Devil, by which the innocent have been familiarized with the nether regions of depravity and afflicted with blindness, cataract and myopia from staring at the heads of lucifers, pins and Pthirus pubis.'”

DARPA in the states is at it again with a MASSIVE spy system that automatically tracks the movement of people and their vehicles. Eventually if this is taken to it’s natural conclusion they can find pretty much anyone, anywhere in the country with almost no effort. Big brother is watching, don’t adjust your sets.

HA, I knew I wasn’t alone, 20% of Canadians want to be naked in public but just don’t know how to go about it legally:

Just to give you an idea about how many rednecks there are in Alberta in a town just outside of Calgary, Red Deer, they have a Buffalo Dung throwing contest. I cannot lie:

I’ve read a bit about this discovery before but a mere 90 light years away is this star system the most like ours we’ve been able to find. Could be the hotspot for colonization in the next few generations:,1282,59481,00.html
News from the Weird Volume 5:

Hey, Hey, Hey,
Trying to grow a "Fu Manchu" style beard but I fear that my hair may be to curly, it's looking more like "Fu Man-chinfro". Not much new, of note that is, so without further ado here's the news:

Actor Jason Mewes (Jay from the Kevin Smith movies) trying desperately to recover from Heroin addiction has to transfer to another detox. center because fans keep trying to offer him weed and other drugs. Poor Jason.,21133,751323,00.html

Its the annual goat throwing festival… "a fiesta without throwing a goat is like Christmas without a Christmas tree."… those crazy Spaniards!

Apparently there was a Meteriote (They now suspect two fell instead of one) that crashed to the earth with the force of a medium size atomic bomb in the forests of Siberia last year. Russian authorities are just investigating this event now. Maybe that Armageddon movie isn't so far fetched after all.

Here is a site dedicated to photos of wrecked sports cars, Ballard eat your heart out! I am sure this must be some sort of creepy hobby for some people.

Apparently due to atmospheric changes related to global warning lightning now also goes UP in tree like shapes (looks pretty frickin cool to):

Here is a better article (of the strange tree lightning) with no pretty pictures though:,1282,59396,00.html

News from the Weird Volume 4:

I wanted to make this a weekly or bi-weekly post but I got so much stuff over the last few days I figured I should post today so it isn't too "busy". Continuing to have great fun with my new sun glasses, certain surfaces produce a rainbow effect similiar to light being projected through a prism when I look at them with the glasses, too much fun. Put in an application to this new space firm called Space-X (Don't have a snowballs chance in a blast furnace of getting a job there but what the hell, I thought, can't hurt) created by billionaire entrepeneur that forged Paypal, and a number of other companies ( I urge you to take a look at the site they're breathing life back into the business of space exploration. Anyway here we go:

For those microbes about to rock, we salute you! Enter the nano guitar

Egypt bans Matrix reloaded due to the religous issues it espouses and it's violent content. "Screening the movie may cause troubles and harm social peace," I sense an interesting trend developing in the middle east, major censoring North American media. Many Muslim countries are also boycotting major North American corporations as a way of striking back against North American interference. I find most censorship efforts highly distasteful personally, How about you?

Early christians ate halucineginic snails???

More Matrix Hi-jinx close to a hundred Japanese dress as Agent Smith for Matrix opening in Japan, it looks like a dozen of them decided to breakdance spontaenously. This is so awesome, and cheesy that a tear of joy almost fell from my eye.

Band demands "quite area to fornicate" at there concert, Cool.


Mystery of the Gamma Ray revealed, and Just in time for the Hulk. Even if you don't care about astronomy there is a really neat picture of a black hole forming out of a super-nova, I have it as my screen saver.

That's all folks,
News from the Weird Volume 3:


First off if your not feeling this, or your really busy, let me know and I'll take you off this list. That being said here we go.

I just got a new pair of Sunglasses this weekend from Suntech Optics
and the way they're polarized if you look at a shiny surface that reflects a lot of light (ie a pair of patent leather shoes) it develops this absolutely delightful 3D haze effect! I highly recommend picking up a pair like it, I was staring at peoples shoes all morning. Cheap thrills! It reminds me of this one gem of a b-movie called "They Live"
( with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper the wrestling star in which they find a vast worldwide conspiracy of aliens among us that can only be seen properly through a pair of specially coated glasses, check it.

Custom car culture meets the transformers. Custom dump trucks and rigs from Japan (Oi! Those Japanese):

It's the milenium falcon case mod

This is a really stunning comic (well drawn) about a girl stuck in the depths of ennui. [beginning of sarcasn] Notice the arty way that her mood is reflected by the environment she is in the depths of despair and it is raining, ohh the pathos, you can tell she attended grade 12 english class [end of sarcasm]

Man unleashes army of bees in K-mart to steal $61.48 in merchandise (How fucked is that):

This guy is so bad he's good "Ill Mitch" a Russian Rapper that moved to the states, it's frickin hilarious. Here's an example "In Russia... call me danger lord come take a seat on my anger sword". The production of the beats is pretty decent which makes you wonder if this is a Viral Marketing effort similiar to that of "Super Greg"
( which ended up being a vehicle for selling jeans. Check out his track Fast and Danger it's PRICELESS!!!!!

Well that's all for now until two weeks from now or whenever I get enough news worthy stuff, take care.

News from the Weird Volume 2:

So you Wanna be a super hero? How about the "Lightning Gecko" complete with fab Gecko Gloves( ) and the shockingly effective lightning suit (,1282,58914,00.html). Proof in point all scientist should read comics.

Not so weird but this more just caught my fancy here are some pictures of rioters and police at the G8 summit (Affectionately known as the eat steak and rule the world conference):

I ran into this wild site called Exactitudes
( which shows the
intense similiarity of dress and mannerisms of people that are of the same profession/sub-culture. It reminds me of a scene in the movie SLC Punk relating to the punk sub-culture (and all sub-cultures in general). A girl at a party the main character was at pointed out that dressing like a punk was not a form of rebellion but of conformity to a particularly sub-culture and that rebellion was in the mind. Anyway, it's a neat site check it out.

Forget X-rays that's so 1890's welcome T-Ray technology. Better scanning and less radiation, neat:

Creepy looking high detail figurines of old Japanese men (Site is in Japanese so click on the links below the top border):
News from the Weird Volume 1:
It's the strangest time of year here in Calgary "Fuzzy Season", let me explain. Calgary has an emense number of popular trees (Over 50,000 in our parks alone) because of the thin layer of topsoil only about five varieties of tree grow really well here, and poplar grows the fastest. Once a year, for about 2-3 weeks, poplars spread there seed in small cottony fluff that goes airborne (like a dandelion but lighter and fluffier). The result is "fuzzy season" an almost endless cloud of fluff as far as the eye can see. Here are some links to feast on.

Creepy SARS art by Katie Bush

So you Wanna be a super hero? How about the "Lightning Gecko" complete with fab Gecko Gloves( ) and the shockingly effective lightning suit (,1282,58914,00.html). Proof

in point all
scientist should read comics.

Not so weird but this more just caught my fancy here are some pictures of rioters and police at the G8 summit (Affectionately known as the eat steak and rule the world conference):

I ran into this wild site called Exactitudes
which shows the intense similiarity of dress and mannerisms of people that are of the same profession/sub-culture. It reminds me of a scene in the movie SLC Punk relating to the punk a sub-culture (and all sub-cultures in general). A girl at a party the main character was at pointed out that dressing like a punk was not a form of rebellion but of conformity to a particularly sub-culture and that rebellion was in the mind. Anyway, it's a neat site check it out.

Forget X-rays that's so 1890's welcome T-Ray technology. Better scanning and less radiation, neat:

Creepy looking high detail figurines of old Japanese men (Site is in Japanese so click on the links below the top border):

7000 Naked people lying in the street as installation art piece (Safe for work):
Weird and delightful tidbits from my favourite news feeds and irresponsible browsing habits.

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