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Monday, September 13, 2004
News from the Weird Volume 47

Good morning everyone,

Oh shit, Ontario concerts just rock the Unicorns are coming to the Hillside festival in Guelph (July 24, 2004) for all you Ontarians out there. Go for me so I can live vicariously through you. If I get up the gumption and fundage I just might go myself. Anyway here's the news.

I created my very own Artificial Intelligence bot, Lily Ethereal, from ALICE foundation code. You can talk to her at the following link below. Give me some good stock answers and responses I can program her with.

Medical cam view of rotator cuff surgery, weird.

Text to Robo speech in a variety of language converted automatically into a wave file, a neat toy.

A cute puppy stops a would be mass murderer from attacking a Toronto suburb with massive arsenal.
News From The Weird Volume 46

Good morning all,

Well it's a sleepy monday morning, I was tossing and turning most of the night due to a sore throat so I feel a little "outer-spacey" this morning. Nothing my trusty cup'o Starbucks can't help with(

Speaking of coffee I'm starting to entertain the idea of quiting this habit, I don't have coffee at home so I find on the weekends my caffiene headache drives me out of the house to the nearest "dealer" to quite the monkey on my back. Maybe when I get back from vacation.... Anyway enough meandering about here's the news:

Gives a new take on reality tv.

What super hero are you reality quiz.,192,183

It is postulated that Atlantis may have in fact be found.

MP3 Radio interviews of the Author Philip K. Dick. Well, they appear to be Radio stories from some of the ones I heard but pretty cool nonetheless.

This one’s from Chester my room mate. Some people decide to launch a car from a catapult, then a drum of flaming oil. Neat.

Animals photoshopped into famous paintings.

Now you can clean your dishware with water and sunshine.

Hilarious joke site that George Bush will have the undead zombie of Ronald Regan for a vice president.
News from the Weird Volume 45

Good morning all,

Don't forget about the upcoming Solar Eclipse with Venus next week on Tuesday June 8 in the morning time should be pretty neat. Getting ready for my vacation to Amsterdam/Paris and it's amazing all the preperation I have to do for my trip. It'll be a labour of love though. Well here's the news:

Famous nude portraits with clothes photoshopped onto them. A really wacky concept and some really well done stuff.

A manufacturing operation was found to be making soy sauce with primarily human hair.

Chinese man obsession leads him to kill around 8 million flies.

A Danish IT company offers free porn to its employee’s as part of their benefits package.

It’s like some lab of Harvard scientists studied cute anime forms and created something so cute you can barely stop yourself from wretching it’s “HAMTARO”

How to make friends by Telephone an instruction manual from the 1940’s.

Leonardo DaVinci’s lab notebooks a page everyday.

A very beautiful Ice sculpture series from a Chinese winter festival.

Mother delivers her own baby by performing a C-section on herself, this is a wild story.
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