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Friday, December 17, 2004
News from the Weird Volume 64

Good morning,

Some of you have asked if there is News from the Weird archive, and there is, I'm just an ultra lazy critter and only update it once in a blue moon (I think I'm behind to the tune of 20 isssues or something). I will provide you the link, but know that due to the mercurial nature of the internet some of the news items will be dead links so report them to me with a short description and issue number and I will mail you a lollipop. Right, that last bit about the lollipop was a little unexpected but then again I'm just waking up here so cut me some of the proverbial slack (That is not to say I won't mail you a lollipop as I am a man of my word). Well, enough blathering here is the news:

Kind of a cross between Manga and Art Nouveau it’s Aya Koto.

Some really messed up interactive art, wait until the coordinates on the screen turn to about 90, the pulsating wall will disappear and a new artpiece will appear click on any one of the “proceed” words and prepare for some creepy fun. Its OP art for the scary kids.

This is a really cool site that bio’s a number of authors. I maybe know about half on the list and there all good ones in my mind so maybe I’ll use this list to discover new ones that I like.

This site rocks my world it index’s the “Sitarsploitation” movement. The use of Sitar remakes of mainstream rock from the 1960-1970’s to cash in on the popularity of the sitar sound introduced to the mainstream by the beatles. Frickin awesome.

If ever I’m horribly crippled in some freak accident I’m not getting a wheelchair, ohhhh no, I’m getting me one of these.

Ok, I’m a nutty Sherlock Holmes fan and here’s a site where you can download all the old radio plays for free, FREE I SAY {small joyous freakout}. Get to it boys and girls.

Ann Coultier right wing pundit thinks America should kick Canada’s ass cause were all a bunch of liberals. The freaky thing is this loud mouth hick actually has quite the following. Also on there is that utter ass with a bow tie from Crossfire, who looks like fucking Orville Redenbockers grandson, laying into us. Guess it’s time to dust off the armoured dog sled and javelins so we can burn down the Whitehouse again.
News from the Weird Volume 63

Hey all,

Don't know about you but I'm sure glad the weekend is here. Check the news:

Here is an Anti-Communist propaganda comic endorsed by J. Edgar Hoover. I wonder if were in for another equivalent of the US “Red Scare”?

This is a series of work by Patrick Jennings that is in the style of airplane instruction cards detailing how to “stick it to the man”.

Looks like skynet may be coming online soon.,1282,65885,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

It’s like those new HP commercials except one ugly guy going on and on into infinity in a strangely hypnotic way.
News from the Weird Volume 62

Good afternoon,

Here's the news:

Naked bouncers pacify the bar crowd in Germany. I’m all for effective solutions to end violence as we all hate violence I think we should, in the interests of peace, entertain something like this in Canada (Thanks Janet).

Cockroaches just got a whole lot meaner.

Cool photos of a soviet space battle station that shoots “laser” beams, the project ended up being scrapped by the Soviet Union. (Thanks Tim)

Ever want to just beat the living tar out of your boss, this cute little flash game goes a step beyond.

Pictures of an incredibly intense Japanese waterworks, it reminds me of the type of equipment you’d see in a sci-fi film. (Ewan also sent me this link)

Anyone for Sushi? LIVE SUSHI!
News from the Weird volume 61

Hey All,

When it rains it pours, my too read pile is getting huge! Everyone keeps lending me books it's a crazy thing, my to read pile has grown to about five novels I may actually have to read at a decent rate now as opposed to one book a month. Here's the news

Rat brain hooked up to flight simulator, could transformers be far away?

Roy Michael Moore has squatted for several years in a cave at the US nuclear weapons facility Los Alamos National Laboratory. His solar-powered home features a glass door, stove, and marijuana garden. After smoke from his stove alerted authorities, Moore was busted for possession, posted bail, and was released. His website explains his scientific and philosophical theories about cosmology and astrophysics.

The Japanese dedication to there companies is legendary, so is there drunken parties afterwork most nights. A new word has creeped into the language over the last few years Karoshi meaning death from overwork. Here is a gallery of exhausted/drunk businessmen and women.

It’s time to start worrying about global warming.,1282,65654,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

Cheesy but fun ASCII war animation with 7334 speak.
News from the Weird Volume 60

Good morning All,

Hey it's the 60th issue now, wow, I have been inundating you all with mass e-mails for over a year now, HAHAHAHA. I am continually suprised at the richeness of my social life when I've finished all the video games I have at home. Well anyway enjoy:

This article was the most fascinating one I’ve read for a good long time. It is the English transcript of Osama Bin Ladens latest video tape. You get to learn his views on American Politics and how he became a terrorist.

I find this article a little disturbing.

Article detailing Quentin Tarantino’s plans to create a 1970’s style kung fu flick, in mandarin.

Now women will feel compelled to align themselves to the standards of DIGITAL beauty. Meet the five contestants for the most beautiful digital models.

There is a really great Toyata Prius commercial on this one ad-award site.

Here’s a silly little Master Card spoof ad (at least it seems like a spoof ad) that I rather liked. (Thanks Danielle)

Speaking of ads I find this article on the shrinking importance of brands both an encouraging and a fascinating development. Then again I’m a marketing junky.

Cancer vaccine in development, how cool is that!
News from the Weird Volume 59


It's been a while, things are slowly returning to normal after covering for a co-worker who went on vacation, hence no news. Hope everybody had a great Halloween.

Free copy of the movie Faranheit 9/11 here for the next week. Completely legal too, how about that.

If you stab your moms teddy bear, she might stab you again, and again.

WHOAH!!!!!!! Your next jacket may be made of mouse and human DNA, cloned in a lab, and it will be seamless. Damn I want one. This is a freaky article check it for sure.,1282,65248,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

This is not your daddies microscope, man this is cool.

This is an amazingly scathing attack on the show Crossfire, by Jon Stewart from Comedy Centrals the Daily Show. It’s awesome!

Frogs being levitated by magnetics, will humans be next?

Some shockingly bad ads that didn’t make it past the drawing board, it’s amazing what some ad execs come up with.

For the first time ever you too can see how a cat reacts to a Zero-G environment.

Here are some really interesting photos of urban decay in various cities of Ontario. The old insane asylum in Whytby is my favourite.
News from the Weird Volume 58

Good morning all,

Ever find life changes pace in an almost unbearable way, from a snail pace to that of a bullet train almost immeadiately, It's been one of those weeks. News has again been skinny with the approach of the US election which seems to have captivated the world, hence taking two weeks to send out the latest issue. Well that and I'm lazy.

Photoshop contest involving morphing insects into everyday objects. Reminds me of the movie Naked Lunch, some pretty weird stuff.

Victorian Sex Cry Generator, man this is rich.

If you were ever an ant in a previous life you’ll find this game uniquely satisfying.

Dale Chihuly is an AMAZING Glass artist you should check his site, it’s supa cool.

Remember that game Metal Slug in the arcade. Well now you can play a flash version, this is too frigin cool.

A wicked Jungle video by “Grand Master Bush”… Neat!

Some really strange music I thought was kinda neat, the artists statement is mad pretentious though.
News from the Weird Volume 57

Hey all,

I’ve been playing around with my AI conversation bot I created called Lily Etheral (
again lately testing various responses to emotional queries like “how are you feeling” and sometimes changing code from the stock she came with. Here’s an interesting reaction I thought:
Human: I am depressed Lily Etheral: What makes you so sad? Tennyson wrote, "The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks; the long day wanes; the slow moon climbs; the deep moans round with many voices. Come, my friends, 'tis not too late to seek a newer world."
Some pretty cool science for a robot to drop non? Anyway onto the news:

Stalker hiding in George Michaels floor boards. In other news George Michael actually still has fans.,,50001-1151808,00.html

An addiction and anger management counselor gets drunk and sick’s his pitbull on unsuspecting passers by during hurricane Francis. This situation is devilishly ironic in my mind.

Stereoscopic images that you use your mouse pointer to control movement, Really neat-o.

Presidential candidate John Kerry was part of a garage rock band called the Electra’s complete with those funny concert outfits from back in the day, Strange.

Here’s a 91 year old shoplifter that steals for the thrill of it. Only in Japan... who am I kidding this is probably something I’d do if I actually made it to age 91. If you get that far in life I figure cause it’s constantly interesting.

Some dogs can tell you have cancer by sniffing your Urine with amazing accuracy.

News from the Weird Volume 56

Good afternoon All,

Kind of a skinny week in the news, at least for weird news. It seems the whole world has it's attention on the upcoming presidential election in America like a lazer beam. Normally, I find US politics to be rather banal but considering the current administrations infringement in Canadian politics it now has me interested as well (not to mention were each others biggest trading partner). I personally hope Kerry wins, he's the lesser of two evils in my oppinon.

Enough about forbidden subjects, or maybe not enough of the right ones, anyway on to the news:

This is a wacky video “Eat All the Old People” not that great but way out there.

My dad sent me this link, I’ve seen it before but it is pretty cool so I thought I’d share it with everyone. It’s about, well…. everything.

This Bush Parody is priceless, thanks Tim.

News from the Weird Volume 55

Good afternoon everyone,

Man I can't believe I've been inandating you all with my weekly spam for fifety-five issues now, time flies when your having fun. I've been having great fun getting in touch with my computer gaming roots once more and have recently finished this great first person shooter called Jedi Outcast which is quite fresh for an otherwise tired genre. What I mean by that is that I find most first person shooters to be pretty boring and generic but this game has some really fresh puzzles and challenges that I find absent from most of its kin.

We recently got a new vaccum cleaner at our house, and normally I don't find this sort of thing interesting in the slightest, but I find myself brimming with excitement at this slick piece of technology. I think that's a sign that I very desperately need a better social life ;->. Well while I'm busy vaccuming with a dreamy look on my face why don't you all check out the news:

Chocolate helps improve blood flow and lowers the risk of heart disease. That translates into a fine guilt free time for me, booyah.

Well it looks like Aliens have been trying to contact us, who would’ve thunk it (either that or there’s something wrong with our radio telescope and/or some universal phenomenon). I for one welcome our new alien overlords… An update I heard says that SETI denies the signals are of alien origin (of course we all recognize a cover-up when we see it eh).

a “Jedi Academy” has opened it’s doors in Romania, it also teaches Wookie. Well there goes the empire.

An exhibit that was previously in Europe called Body Worlds which showcases human anatomy with specially preserved specimens using a process called plastization. Not for the feint of heart. Reminds me of this so-so German thriller that I saw recently called “Anatomy”.,1284,64827,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

Some strange drugs were consumed in the making of this music box animation (my opinion). It’s pretty neat though nonetheless.

If you want a free e-mail address to REALLY piss people off check out this link.

Here is a link to an insanely cool database that ranks thousands of hygiene/personal grooming products by the toxic contents they have. A real eye opener.

This is an actual advertisement for an exhibition, but it showcases some really cool art from Amy Hill and Ray Ceasar.
News from the Weird Volume 54


I'm feeling in a pretty terse mood today so I'll just cut to the chase here's the news:

Photos of the Crazy kids at harajuku station in Japan.

Photographer Jill GreenBerg dedicates a whole series of photographs to Monkey’s. Jill also has done a great cover for wired about Synthetic Diamonds which you may have seen on the news stands about eight months ago (second link). You must check out the rest of her site she’s photographed a TONNE of A-list celebrities as well.

If anyone out there has a spare $3900 you too can own a 7’8” statue of Cthulu (link 1). I checked the rest of the site and found myself partial to the “Medicine Weasel” and would order it but it’s in US dollars and the border is retarded when it comes to duty (Link 2).

A collection of Alice and Wonderland Art by various artists it’s Supa cool.

Site that has an indexed collection of sum 15,000 Banner ads. The link brings you to an article about it which has the link to the actual site within the body of the article.,1284,64642,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

Thousands of postcards in and around a century old indexed by country and subject matter. Too intense!

Check out this strange Mineralarian website. People that eat food that is synthesized from minerals so that no living thing including plants is harmed. Sounds noble, expensive, and bland.

New report suggests that those in a negative mood have superior observation, critical thinking, and logical skills then people in a happy or positive mood. If your happy is that because your oblivious to the world around you? Is sadness what we should all be feeling if were tuned into the world? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tricks of the trade articles, includes small tricks of the trade for a variety of trades. Facinating trivia I think.

Some ingenious ways to smuggle contraband into the country courtesy of the DEA. It’s amazing what’s posted on the internet!
News from the Weird Volume 53

I find it amazing how different my world is without Caffiene. I quit consuming it in all forms early on this week and everythings been well... level. In some ways I miss the peaks and lows of Caffiene, especially in the morning. I don't know though I think sometimes it's important to shake up your routine in order to view life in a different way. Well enough blathering on here's the news:

Here’s a Urban Rumor proved true on Snopes about a mischevious rich man that left one of the most eccentric (and fiendish yet also generous) wills that I’ve ever heard of (Thanks for the link Ewan).

Innocent cartoon characters in Surreal landscapes, it’s the art of Jim Woodring.

Gallery of inappropriate and strange technical documentation. The first link is my favourite, the second leads you to the main gallery.

Rabbit, on fire, wreaks massive destruction in the UK. (Thanks for the link Kaye)

Ever have that guy/girl that wouldn’t leave you alone at the bar. These new and devious services can say no for you. My favourite is the staged phone call gambit. Never has being a chicken been so easy!,1284,64612,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_4

Compulsive “cat collector” recently released from Mental Hospital after evaluation. Will she take care of stray cats once more, the HORROR. Apparently, she was just trying to find homes for them. The psychiatric community should have their collective heads examined.

Interesting deep water cooling project for Toronto I found out about it’s to save considerable amounts of energy and gases used in air conditioners. Pretty slick idea I think.

It appears that Britons have the loosest sexual morals of the major industrialized nations. And I thought Briton was only good for its museums and broadway. These crazy brits practically invented the art of "Dogging" it's like a flash mob orgy commited in local parks through a SMS phone list employing lookouts for the cops.

Women in Space Suits organized from the 1950-2000’s some one has a whole lot of times on their hands and just a little bit of a fetish. Looks pretty safe for work though.
News from the Weird Volume 52

Good morning all,

All the articles last week on Ephemera from the 1950's made this quote about computers tickle my fancy so I thought I'd share it with you:

"Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equpped with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vaccuum tubes and perhaps weigh 1.5 tons."
-- unknown, Popular Mechanics, March 1949

Frickin hilarious eh? At the sametime it's amazing how many inventions we have dreamed of have actually come into being overtime from rocketry to the cell phone. Anyways here's the news:

Article about a man who tries to live life as if it was 1954. It’s really in-depth and interesting with a number of fascinating footnotes. Who knew we had it so good eh?,12543,642505-1,00.html

Food products from cattle blood now you to can have blood beer, blood yogurt, blood cookies… Vampires everywhere are rejoicing.

Here is something alarming there are so many people taking Prozac in the UK that un-metabolized SSRI’s are seriously contaminating waste water. Reminds me of the movie Fight Club which I watched again recently “We have no great war, no great depression… our war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives”.

Art photos of ENIAC one of the worlds first computers.

Fraggle rock on DVD baby! There is a god and he/she/it is good.

Koko the signing Gurella formally requests dental work.

An “Anti-Drug” vaccine is being developed by some leading Bio-Tech companies. It would disable the euphoric effects of opiates and the effects of many psychoatives for the duration of a persons life as the vaccine would be applied during childhood. This is some crazy stuff, I sure hope that this never passes FDA testing in the US. Though I think this could help drug abusers I think its potential for misuse and to augment governmental control is a far greater risk.

Great photoshop contest that places modern products in old ads, LOVE it.

News from the Weird Volume 51

Good morning Everyone,

Going to check out a Reiki session tonight which is a form of "Energy Cleansing" here's a really flaky explanation . I've had it done before and there is something to be said about the whole thing I think as it seemed to have some effect on the body. Results are highly dependant on the practitioner, I was sceptical initially to say the least. Tonight though one of my sisters really cute friends will be there so my motivations for going are quite "noble" in my mind ;->. For those of you I haven't talked to in a while I'm anxious to know how things are in your world so hit me back with an e-mail when you get the time and let me know how you're doing.

Photoshop of famous art portraits with the heads of modern celebrities some of it very well done. It never ceases to amaze me how realistic photoshop work can look sometimes.

For those of you who remember Subservient Chicken there is now “Subservient President”, check it out it’s good for some yuks.

An interesting sounding live action game through the streets of Toronto called “Scotland Yard” maybe worth checking out for all you Torontonian’s.

Neat little organization with online galleries called the Ephemera Society.

SUPER COOL, a collection of old newspaper and magazine ad’s indexed by decade. I could spend a really long time on this site. Update, I did spend a long time and it's worth it.

Anyone for disease trading cards. Snappy little cards with information about diseases, perfect for the hypo-condria in the family that nobody likes.

Another Ephemera site which is really cool, seems to start from the 50’s.

Probe to Mercury has just been launched, here’s a cool article about the mission.,2697,64446,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_9

News from the Weird Volume 50

Good afternoon All,

I'm back from vacation and finally settled so I decided to start again with the News. How's everybody doing anyway? If you have the time send me an e-mail and lets catch up. Anyway here's the news:

“I heard a great interview with a photographer from BC. He started using a common scanner to capture images of flowers. The results are astounding. Here is a sampling:” (Thanks Ewan for the link)

For those in Toronto there is a secret swing in an alley that was installed as a piece of installation art. Sounds fun.

Great piece of Parody by JibJab of the Arlo Guthry song “This land is your land” sung by John Kerry and George Bush.

Dentist in the US accused of injecting his own semen into patients mouths! Warped!

Gothic/Teen Angst automatic poem generator, good for a yuck.

89 year old man gets away with shop lifting, the reason is priceless!
New from the Weird Volume 49

Good afternoon everyone,

This news is a little skinny as I doubt I'll have much time for correspondance during my vacation as I'm off to Amsterdam/Paris for the next two weeks so I thought I'd give you what I have.

German Shockwave/flash game where you play a drunkard trying to walk. The object of the game is to see how far you can stumble before falling flat on your ass. Thanks to J-Lo for this link.

Famous stories from the bible…recreated in lego, seriously. Thanks to Andrew for this link.

Tour of the worst European decorators from 1974. The green walls with the horse in the background takes the cake. Some truly vile colour combinations.

Weird and delightful tidbits from my favourite news feeds and irresponsible browsing habits.

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